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Dear Travellers,

Our latest group returned from Iran today and John Osborne has reported that the tour has been another outstanding success. We are delighted that John will lead another tour for us in 2020 IRAN - A Persian Spring 9-23 April 2020.

The tour to Gujarat and Western India in February is already fully booked, but we still have a very few vacancies for our lovely tour to South India - a very gentle tour of Kerala 15 January - 6 February 2020. I'm sure this will be the loveliest of all the tours we have planned in South India as we have found some truly delightful small hotels in beautiful locations, while exploring the Western Ghats (dramatic mountains rather than hills), backwaters, rivers and coast. Do please take a look at our Tour pages to see what we offer and join us for a warm and sunny winter break in the dark days of January and February. Because the hotels are so small - some with just 7 or 9 rooms - I need to confirm the room lists very soon, so please let me know if you may be interested and tell all your friends about it.

We also have vacancies for the autumn tour to South Morocco 1-15 November this year - again in lovely small and characterful hotels exploring Marrakech, the Atlas mountains, edge of the Sahara and the Atlantic coast. Again, I need to confirm the room lists very soon, so please get in touch and PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT OUR TOURS, PERHAPS FORWARDING THEM THE DETAILS.

And I do hope you are planning to come to our Summer Garden Party, Barbecue and Theatre here at Halnaker, near Chichester on Sunday 16 June. In the afternoon there will be a wind quartet playing in the garden (oboe, bassoon, flute and clarinet), around 5 pm the barbecues lit for you to cook and picnic. At 7.30 The Rude Mechanical (open air) Theatre will perform their latest play - a musical and very comic take on the Icarus and Daedalus story, set in the American Mid-West in the 1950's, where poor Icarus - spelt 'Ikarus' in this version - who flies too near the sun, falls but come to an unusual very sticky but in this case happy end. We always promise a warm sunny day, the swimming pool 'invitingly warm', the old-fashioned roses in bloom, a chance to meet old and new friends, laugh at the play and go home singing the songs.

We look forward to meeting up very soon.

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